CoKoCon - 31 Aug–3 Sep, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ

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CoKoCon will fill two panel rooms with programming throughout the convention, along with dedicated rooms for gaming, workshops and zines. A further larger room will be used for events.

If you have panel ideas or are interested in being included in our programming, please contact Dee Astell at


We'll be hosting a number of events at CoKoCon, including some that are traditional to phandom and some that are brand new to CoKoCon. All of them are free with your membership.


The following will be attending CoKoCon as guests, panelists or leader of workshops.

Watch this space as we announce other participants over the months to come.

Dee Astell

Hal C. F. Astell

Debe Branning

Prof. Theodoric Brandywine

Beth Cato

Cheshire Moon

Michael Flanders


Mark Greenawalt

Mark Horning

Stellar Miller

Christin Pike

Steve Rude

Harry Turtledove

Eric Wile

Dr. David Williams

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CoKoCon is the CopperCon and ConKopelli Convention.
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