CoKoCon - 30 Aug–2 Sep, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ

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Charity Auction

It is our pleasure to announce that CoKoCon will be holding a Charity Auction to benefit the Y-Achievers, a YMCA workforce program for disadvantaged young adults. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Y-Achievers.


The Charity Auction is a live auction that's open to all CoKoCon members. Your bidder number is your badge number. There will be Charity Auction Program Guides available at Registration.

We guarantee that everyone who shows up will have a good time and plenty of opportunity to bid on and take home cool stuff. We'll have books galore, collectible art and many other items. Everything will be on display in the Art Show until the auction begins.


If you wish to donate items (and all donations are tax deductible), please contact our Charity Auction Coordinator at


Items will be listed here with photos as they're donated.

All books that are presented as a First Edition are done so at the best judgment of our Charity Auction Director. No guarantee is made by WesternSFA, CASFS or CoKoCon for any item. If you have any questions, please ask via e-mail or inspect the item prior to auction.

Here are a few items already available. Check back for updates. Click on each image for a larger version.

See you at the Auction! Don't forget your money. Bid often, bid high...

Your tireless Charity Auction Director,
Catherine Book


  • 1950s-60s grab-bag of 13 vintage paperbacks. Authors include Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, James Schmitz, Roger Zelazny, John Brunner and more. [click for image]
  • Fantasy grab-bag of 3 trade paperbacks (one is an Uncorrected Proof) and 11 mass market paperbacks. Authors include Rachel Caine, John Dixon, Dawn Cook, Carole Nelson Douglas, Anne McCaffrey and more. Some are new with publisher review letters. [click for image]
  • Blood Fury and The Thief by J. R. Ward. Blood Fury is the 3rd book of the Black Dagger Legacy. Hardcover, first edition, copyright 2018. [click for image] The Thief is the 17th book of Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Hardcover, 2nd printing, copyright 2018. Both are new and unread and include the publisher review letter laid-in. [click for image]
  • Destiny's Conflict by Janny Wurts. Volume 10 of the Wars of Light and Shadow series, the 2nd book of the Sword of the Canon. New, unread, trade paperback, copyright 2017. [click for image]
  • The Merchant Prince by Armin Shimerman and Michael Scott. First edition, hardcover, copyright 2000. Fine condition, read once, with publisher review letter. [click for image]
  • Three of Star Trek New Earth by Diane Carey, copyright 2000. Books 1, 2 and 6 in the series. Like new, read once. Book 1 has a publisher review letter laid-in.[click for image]
  • Vampire grab bag #1 includes 22 mass market paperbacks. Some are well-used, most are like new. Authors include Brian Lumley, Christopher Golden, Lucius Shepard, Karen Chance, Scott Ciencin, Whitley Streiber, Vincent Courtney and more. [click for image]
  • Vampire grab bag #2 includes 7 trade paperbacks and 4 mass market paperbacks. Some read once, some new, 3 are Uncorrected Proofs, several have a publisher review letter laid-in. Authors include Karen Chance, Barb Hendee, L. J. Smith, and others. [click for image]


  • Forbidden Island cooperative game, almost new in box, played once. 2-4 players, age 10+, 30 minutes. [click for image]
  • King of Tokyo cardgame, almost new in box. Two figure cards missing, has two replacements, all other parts are new. [click for image]
  • Set #1: Game of Thrones Ice & Fire charm bracelet. Bracelet measures approx. 7" with 9 themed charms—two are iconic gears. Retail $75. [click for image]
  • Set #2: Game of Thrones Ice & Fire charm bracelet. Bracelet measures approx. 7" with 9 themed charms—three are keys. Retail $75. [click for image]
  • T-shirt, women's medium, never worn. The Philosophical Strangler promotional from author Eric Flint. [click for image]
  • The White Box, a game design workshop in a box. This is a learning, planning & prototyping tool for tabletop game designers. From Atlas Games and GamePlayWright. New in box. [click for image]
  • Zuni Bear bead assortment #1. Nine charms made from natural gemstones. [click for image]
  • Zuni Bear bead assortment #2. Ten charms made from natural gemstones. [click for image]
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas charm bracelet, approx. 8"-9" with ten charms and ten crystal beads. [click for image]
  • Beautiful silver bracelet with image of Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Measures approx. 6". [click for image]
  • Really cool leather bracelet with image of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, measures approx. 9" with slipknot closure and accented with beads. [click for image]
  • Doctor Who TARDIS 3D pendant with crystal. [click for image]
  • Gift bag from Bookmans Entertainment Exchange containing: The Dark Crystal lunchbox, $25 gift certificate, large drinking class with skull Bookmans logo, men's crew socks with aliens, gorgeous hardcover book of classic and new gothic fantasy short stories, beautiful full-color instructional book on steampunk accessories and a Lord of the Rings coloring book. [click for image]

Extra Special Stuff

  • Framed commemorative picture of Gene Cernan with his autograph. Gene Cernan flew on the Apollo XVII and left the last footprint on the moon. This picture came from the local Simcom training center which is a flight simulator school. Measures approx. 14" x 22". [click for image1] [click for image2]

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