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CoKoCon will fill two panel rooms with programming throughout the convention, along with dedicated rooms for gaming, workshops and other programming. A further larger room will be used for events.

Our mobile-friendly programming grid is live but won't populate for the most part until a month or two out from con.

Special Events

We'll be hosting a number of special events at CoKoCon, including many that are traditional to phandom, and ALL of them are FREE with your membership. Note: workshops may have a token charge to cover materials.

If you have any questions, please contact Dee Astell at

Apocalypse Later Roadshow

The Apocalypse Later Roadshow is a mini-film festival hosted by Hal C. F. Astell of Apocalypse Later. He'll present a curated 90 minute set of quality international short sf/f films on opening night, many of which are still working their way through the festival circuit.

The Apocalypse Later Roadshow began at LepreCon 39 in 2013 and has spread to a variety of conventions across the southwest. This will be Roadshow #37.

At the Movies

At the Movies is a favorite local fandom panel where you will get a sneak peak at trailers for some exciting upcoming movies. After the trailer presentation we will hold a free raffle for movie promotional material (T-shirts, baseball caps, special posters and whatever else the studios have sent us). If you like movies and like free stuff please come on in.

At the Movies has been a mainstay of the Phoenix con scene for decades, initially run by Barry Bard and, in recent years, by Len Berger.

CoKoCon will also feature a special 18+ version of At the Movies, where Len will give you a sneak peek at Red Band trailers for upcoming indie movies, with the more blood and gore the better.

Book Discussion

Michael Senft, who runs the Sci-Fridays Book Club at the Poisoned Pen, will be leading a discussion on All Systems Red by Martha Wells. Read or listen to it ahead of the event or come in blind, but beware of spoilers!

Update: congratulations to Martha Wells for winning the 2019 Hugo for Best Novella for her sequel to All Systems Red, Artificial Condition.

Charity Auction

It is our pleasure to announce that CoKoCon will be holding a Charity Auction to benefit the Y-Achievers, a YMCA workforce program for disadvantaged young adults. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Y-Achievers.

Check out our dedicated page for the Charity Auction to see what items will be up for bids. The list is growing all the time.

Meet the Guests

On Saturday, our first full day, we'll host a Meet the Guests event, where our MC will introduce each of our Guests of Honor in a social environment.

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