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CoKoCon 2020

CoKoCon is a traditional science fiction/fantasy convention in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area, which would have returned to the Labor Day weekend for a third year in 2020. Sadly, we've had to cancel. We'll be back in 2021.

CoKoCon 2020 is Cancelled

With great sadness, we're announcing the cancellation of CoKoCon 2020, which would have taken place over the Labor Day weekend.

We've been paying close attention to COVID-19 ever since early March when it started prompting conventions to cancel or postpone. We've held out hope that this pandemic would wane soon enough for the world to find a safe new normal, but it's become clear that that is not going to happen in time.

Our chief concern is always for the people who make CoKoCon such a special place: our guests, our participants, our members and our staff. At this time, we have to acknowledge that we'll be unable to guarantee a safe and healthy environment for everyone, so it's our duty to cancel CoKoCon 2020 and shift our focus to CoKoCon 2021.

All purchased memberships for CoKoCon 2020 will roll automatically to CoKoCon 2021. While our policy has always stated no refunds, we'll waive that here if anyone prefers a refund in this instance. Just contact

All applications for CoKoCon 2020 will roll automatically to CoKoCon 2021 unless you, as a dealer, fan table coordinator, party host, gamemaster, etc. choose not to do so. Again, just contact

If you have a hotel reservation, we would recommend that you contact the hotel directly to cancel. Their phone number is (480) 967-1441.

As we have other Guests of Honor already contracted for 2021, we're talking with our 2020 GoHs about moving them to 2022. We still very much want to bring them to CoKoCon and we know that you want us to do so too. We are very happy to let you know now that Steven Barnes and Linda Addison have already agreed to be GoHs at CoKoCon 2022.

We'll be rolling the CoKoCon website from 2020 to 2021 over the next couple of weeks and it'll include announcements of our 2021 guests, along with all other details and new forms.

As a sneak peek, we can proudly announce now that our Author Guest of Honor at CoKoCon 2021 will be the multi-award winning Seanan McGuire. You may know her from her best-selling October Daye or InCryptid urban fantasy series; from her Hugo, Nebula and Locus Award winning Every Heart a Doorway novella; from her Newsflesh or Parasitology books under the name of Mira Grant; or from her non-writing work as a filker or podcaster. Other GoHs will be announced shortly.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

We'd have loved to have seen you at CoKoCon 2020, but for now please keep yourselves safe and well and we'll see you at CoKoCon 2021.

We'll be hosting guests of honor, an art show, dealers' room, gaming, filk, room parties, you name it! As with all sf/f cons, the heart of the event will be our ConSuite, which all members are welcome to visit for free food, drink and conversation.

We're capping membership at 500.

Our mobile-friendly programming grid is online and will gradually populate over the coming year.

Guests of Honor

Click here to read about our Guests of Honor.

S. J. Tucker is kindly sponsored by the Phoenix Filk Circle.


We'll run throughout the Labor Day weekend, from September 4-7, 2020.

That's four days, Friday to Monday.

How Much

Purchase Memberships

Current adult membership rate is $50.
Youths (7-12) are half price.
Kids in Tow (under 7) are FREE
(limited to two per adult member).

Membership gets you full access to all four days of the convention and to everything happening within it.

Memberships must be purchased in full. Memberships are transferrable but not refundable. Memberships will be capped at 500.

Note: Your PayPal receipt is your confirmation of purchase. Badges will not be mailed. Your membership badge will be available to pick up at the convention. Please be prepared to show a picture ID.


We'll be at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Phoenix Tempe in 2020.

That's at 2100 S Priest Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282, which is here on Google Maps.

Note: this is not the same DoubleTree that we've been at in previous years. We've moved to Tempe.

Rooms are $92/night (single and double), $102 (triple) or $112 (quad). A booking link will be posted shortly.

Our convention block is now open and rooms can now be booked at our discount rates through this link.

Check out our full page on this hotel and the surrounding area.


Many thanks to CASFS and WesternSFA for coming together to jointly sponsor CoKoCon 2020.
They're our parent bodies and this event is happening because of their funding and support.

Many thanks also to our other sponsors:

The Phoenix Filk Circle kindly sponsored our Filk GoH, S. J. Tucker.

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