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Virtual CoKoCon 2021

CoKoCon is a traditional science fiction/fantasy convention in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area, which returns to the Labor Day weekend for a fourth year in 2021 in a virtual format, because of limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We expect CoKoCon 2022 to be physical.

It's entirely FREE to join us at Virtual CoKoCon 2021. Just fill out the Membership Form and then follow this invitation link to take you to the CoKoCon server.

our mobile-friendly online schedule is live


Program Book

We've published a full 52 page program book that's only available online.

Download or view it as a PDF below (96 MB).

Virtual CoKoCon 2021
Program Book

Attendee Packet

As Discord is new to most of us, we've published an attendee packet to explain what you need to know.

Download or view it as a PDF below (1 MB).

Virtual CoKoCon 2021
Attendee Packet

Pocket Program

We've published a 4 page pocket program just in case you wanted to print it out double sided.

Download or view it as a PDF below (2 MB).

Virtual CoKoCon 2021
Pocket Program

Gaming Program

We've also published a gaming program so you can see what games are scheduled and when.

Download or view it as a PDF below (330k).

Virtual CoKoCon 2021
Gaming Program

Time Zone

Remember that Arizona is MST (not MDT—we don't do daylight savings here). Here's the time here right now, compared to elsewhere on the North American continent:



+1 hour

+2 hours

+3 hours

We welcome our international visitors too! Here's the time where you are right now, virtual travellers:

+2 hours

+8 hours

Quezon City
+15 hours

+16½ hours


Panels! Workshops! Filk! Gaming! Events! Art Show! Dealers' Room! Charity Auction! Virtual ConSuite!

We have two panel rooms, with others for events, workshops, filk and gaming. We have a virtual art show and dealers' room. We're hosting a charity auction to benefit Joshua Tree Feeding Program. And a virtual ConSuite will be open throughout the weekend for you to pop in and just chat, even if we can't serve you food and drink there this year.

our mobile-friendly online schedule is live

Featured Panelists

Our previously announced Guests of Honor for CoKoCons 2020 and 2021 will now be Featured Panelists at Virtual CoKoCon 2021 and return to be Guests of Honor at CoKoCons 2022 and 2023.

Click here to read about our Featured Panelists.


We'll run throughout the Labor Day weekend, from September 3-6, 2021.

That's four days, Friday to Monday.

How Much


Now that we've gone virtual, all memberships are free, but you do still need to register.

Membership gets you full access to all four days of the convention and to everything happening within it.

Donations are welcome. Both our sponsoring bodies
are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.


Many thanks to CASFS and WesternSFA for coming together to jointly sponsor CoKoCon 2021.
They're our parent bodies and this event is happening because of their funding and support.

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CoKoCon is the CopperCon and ConKopelli Convention.
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Last update: 2nd September, 2021