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Art Show

Our Art Show is being run by Duncan Rittschof, who can be reached at


Since we are virtual this year, there is no charge to showcase your work in our virtual dealers room and all sales will be handled by the individual dealer.

We will host a page on our website and a channel on our Discord server that includes each dealer's name and a description of what they do, plus web page and social media links. We'll include up to five image files of your choice (10MB maximum per image). Please name them as you'd like them to appear.

Watermarking is at your discretion; we assume no liability for unauthorized use of your images.


While we can't bring you a physical Dealers Room at a virtual convention, we can bring you the dealers. Please explore the work of our participating dealers on our website or on our Discord server. Also check out their websites and like or follow them on social media.

Some of their work may be for sale on their websites. If you find anything that speaks to you personally, please consider buying it through their websites. Independent dealers need our support, especially during the COVID pandemic.

Thank you,

CoKoCon Dealers Room Director

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