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Art Show

Our Art Show is being run by Richard Bolinski, who can be reached at

Photo Credit: Dee Astell


Artists can check out all applicable details on the AZ Specialty Art Shows website.



The Art Show is a silent auction. You must be a member of the convention to bid on or buy art.

Each piece of art will have a Bid Sheet next to it. This will list the minimum starting bid and a direct sale price.

Bidding on Art

To bid on a piece of art, simply write your Membership Number (which is on your convention badge) and a valid bid on that Bid Sheet.

You must bid above the minimum starting bid and partial dollar amounts are not allowed. Bids up to $50 must be in increments of at least $1. At $50, bids must be in increments of at least $5. At $100, bids must be increments of at least $10.

In other words, if you're the first bidder on a piece of art with a minimum starting bid of $10, you're free to bid any amount from $10 up, as long as it's in full dollars. If someone else has bid $10 already, you must bid at least $11 to take the lead. If the bid is already up to $50, you must bid at least $55. If it's over $100, you must increase the bid by at least $10.

Any bids with partial dollar amounts or which do not adhere to the current bid increment will be disallowed.

Direct Sales

You may purchase any piece of art for its direct sale price only if there are no bids on it already. This closes the auction for this item and you have won.


Art from the Art Show that has been purchased through direct sale may be paid for and picked up after the Art Show closes on Monday.

Print shop sales will be handled on a cash and carry basis, unless arrangements are made to pick them up with Art Show purchases on Monday.

Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card.

Other Information

No smoking, food, drinks, pets, large bags, cameras or photography will be allowed in the Art Show.

Thank you,

CoKoCon Art Show Director

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