CoKoCon - 30 Aug–2 Sep, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ

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Guests of Honor

More GoHs will be announced. Watch this space!

Local Author GoH: Emily Devenport

We're very happy to honor Emily Devenport as our Local Author GoH.

Nine of her novels were published in the U.S. by NAL/Penguin/Roc, under three pen names. She has also been published in the U.K., Italy, and Israel. Her novels are Shade, Larissa, Scorpianne, EggHeads, The Kronos Condition, GodHeads, Broken Time (which was nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award), Belarus and Enemies. Her ebooks, The Night Shifters and Spirits of Glory are available from Amazon. Her most recent novels are from Tor: Medusa Uploaded and Medusa in the Graveyard.

Her short stories were published in Asimov's SF Magazine, the Full Spectrum anthology, The Mammoth Book of Kaiju, Uncanny, Cicada, Science FIction World, Alfred Hitchcock, Clarkesworld, Longshot Island and Aboriginal SF, whose readers voted HER a Boomerang Award. She blogs at

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