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Featured Panelists

As we take honoring our guests seriously and can't do much of that at a virtual event, all our previously announced guests for CokoCon 2021 have kindly agreed to roll to CoKoCon 2023, where we can treat them properly as Guests of Honor.

However, they've also kindly agreed to be included in our programming as Featured Panelists for CoKoCon Virtual 2021. You'll be able to see them this year, even if you'll have to wait until 2023 to meet them in person.

Also, Steven Barnes and Linda Addison, who we would have honored at CoKoCon 2020, which we sadly had to cancel because of COVID-19, and who we will honor next year at a physical CoKoCon 2022, have also agreed to be featured panelists this year.

Please make our Featured Panelists very welcome at CoKoCon 2021!

Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire was born in Martinez, California, and raised in a wide variety of locations, most of which boasted some sort of dangerous native wildlife.

Seanan is the author of the October Daye and InCryptid urban fantasies, the Wayward Children fantasy series and several other works both stand-alone and in trilogies or duologies. Under the pseudonym of Mira Grant, she wrote the Newsflesh political thriller/zombie series. She's also released six CDs of original filk.

Seanan won the 2010 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Her novella Every Heart a Doorway won the Nebula, Hugo and Locus Awards. In 2013 she became the first person ever to appear five times on the same Hugo ballot.

Seanan will be our Author GoH at CoKoCon 2023.

Margaret & Kristoph

Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover perform original arrangements of Celtic music from the British Isles, Medieval and Renaissance music, filk music, songs of Tolkien and more, featuring soaring vocals and Celtic harp, guitar, octave mandolin, flute, recorders and tin whistle. They have delighted audiences since 1993, sharing the magic of other times and places with fans of traditional music the world over.

They have recorded 15 CDs on the Flowinglass Music label, as the duo and with their bands Avalon Rising and Brocelïande, and in 2008 they performed in the Disney movie Bedtime Stories. In 2018 they won the Lost Chord Award from the Society of Ritual Arts.

Margaret & Kristoph will be our Filk GoHs at CoKoCon 2023, kindly sponsored by the Phoenix Filk Circle.

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis is a Mesa AZ based general and trauma surgeon. He is part of that dying breed of dinosaurs, the solo general surgeon. He is also a writer of science fiction and fantasy novels.

His independently published works include the YA novel Queen Mab Courtesy, and his military science fiction novel That Which is Human. His nonfiction memoir, Dancing in the Operating Room, is a glimpse into the life and training of a Trauma Surgeon.

Glowgems for Profit and Thieves Profit are parts of a continuing series of stand-alone novels about Zach Mbele, former Republic of Mars commando and captain of the fast freighter, Profit. They and his latest works, Platinum Magic and Gold Magic, his first forays into the world of fantasy, are published by Brick Cave Media. Platinum Magic represents the start of an exciting new series set in a surprising modern world like our own, only different.

Dr. Bruce will be our Local Author GoH at CoKoCon 2023, kindly sponsored by Arizona Fandom.

Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes has published thirty-three novels and over three million words of science fiction and fantasy. He's been nominated for Hugo, Nebula, and Cable Ace awards.

While his television work includes The Twilight Zone, Stargate and Andromeda, his A Stitch In Time episode of The Outer Limits won the Emmy Award and his alternate history novel Lion's Blood won the 2003 Endeavor.

Casanegra, an erotic mystery novel written with his wife, American Book Award-winning novelist Tananarive Due, won the 2009 NAACP Image Award.

Barnes also holds three black belts and was for three years Kung Fu columnist for Black Belt Magazine. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son Jason. He has a daughter, Nicki, who lives in San Diego.

Steven will be our Author GoH at CoKoCon 2022.

Linda D. Addison

Linda D. Addison is an award-winning author of five collections, including How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend, and the first African-American recipient of the HWA Bram Stoker Award®. She is a recipient of the HWA Lifetime Achievement Award, HWA Mentor of the Year and SFPA Grand Master. She has published over 360 poems, stories and articles and is a member of CITH, HWA, SFWA and SFPA. Look for her story in the Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda anthology (Marvel/Titan).

Linda will be our Local Author GoH at CoKoCon 2022, kindly sponsored by Arizona Fandom.

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