Archive of Previous Years 3-6 Sep, 2021 virtually in Discord (Arizona, MST)

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The following will be attending CoKoCon as featured panelists, panelists, performers or workshop hosts. Watch this space for more.

Click on images or names to see who these folk are and what they'll be doing at CoKoCon. Alternatively, just click on this link to go directly to our

mobile-friendly online schedule

Linda Addison

Arizona Penny Dreadfuls

Catherine Asaro

Madame Askew

Austin Aslan

Dee Astell

Hal C. F. Astell

The Awesomelys

Steven Barnes

Len Berger

Jeff Bohnhoff

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Mark Boniece

Cathy Book

Lady Brandywine

Prof. Theodoric Brandywine

Debe Branning

Ben Brose

Casey Brose

Beth Cato

Ivy Chapman

Cheshire Moon

Blind Lemming Chiffon

Trinity Corona

Jenn Czep

Bruce Davis

Margaret Davis

Jason Drotman

Crystel Flanders

Michael Flanders

Galactic Journey


James C. Glass

Tanya Gouchenour

Mary Harrington

Avily Jerome

Khurt Khave

Kristoph Klover

Tom Leveen

Gideon Marcus

Jeff Mariotte

Mike Marron

Seanan McGuire

Stellar Miller

Joseph Nassise

Yvonne Navarro

Weston Ochse

Rhonda Parrish

Christin Pike

Jared Pike

Emmett Plant

Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Britt Rhuart

Valerie Ritchie

Marsheila Rockwell

Robyn Scofield

Jen Senft

Michael Senft

Dr. Kim Smith

Judith Starkston

Sarah-Anne Stubbs

David Lee Summers

Unipornicorn Theatre

Greg van Eekhout

Stephanie L. Weippert

Dr. David Williams

Randall Whitlock

Lee Whiteside

Natalie Wright

Jason Youngdale

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